Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Mod Fooling

MOOHAHAHAHAHAHA!*luahgs ebilly* me and video have just came up with a plan to fool mods tomorow!:Dwhich is april fool's day!!moohahaha!im feeling ebil lol...Anyways!Here's the plan:
We ALL, and i mean ALL chobots, speak chobotian!!If you don't know how to speak chobotian, here's an example:
olleh lla!m'I 3xuhctae!
u just speak the words backwards, but not the whole sentence, only backwards(neon, founder of chobotian)!!!
SOOOOO!u guys in?:D we're gonna ALLL speak chobotian tomorow!and there's definetly gonna be mods in the April Fool's party!(WARNING:Beware of pranks and tricks around u, they could be anywhere!)

1 comment:

  1. cool, I allready know how to speak and understand Chobotian